Our DAPP & the DoGood Crypto Community

At the top of our page, note the link for the dapp. Dapp stands for ‘decentralized app.’  They combine smart contracts with front-end user interfaces. Our Do Token and DoGood Crypto Community features a custom DAPP that allows all holders of our Do Token interact with the Smart Contracts that make up our Community. When you register, you will be able to interact with our community and earn rewards and receive charitable assistance for your needs. 

Currently, you can do the following through our dapp once you register with your wallet containing Do Tokens:

  1. Our community features a charitable feature that allows all holders of the Do Token (with a current minimum of 25,000), to register any legitimate, legal, ethical, charitable need and receive up to $25,000 in BUSD in 30 days. Each wallet may register and request this up to 3 times per year.
  2. Each holder of the Do Token (with a current minimum of 25,000), can register to vote once per week. Specifically, all wallet holders get to vote on which need gets 1 equal share of the charity wallet each week. In using their voice and vote to help others in need, each voter is rewarded with an equal share of both Do Tokens and BUSD. 

Future Features include voting to help govern the community and shape the transition into a DAO. 

To register to vote, click the menu link at the top labeled “Instructions.”