What is the Do Token and DoGood Crypto Community?

The Do Token and DoGood Crypto Community represent a revolution in the combination of Crypto, Community, Crowdfunding, and Caring.

The Do Token is a newly created BEP20 crypto Token launched on the Binance Smart Chain in January 2022.


The Do Token and DoGood Crypto Community DAO was created by our founder, Randy McEwen. Randy is a full-time pastor and Missions Director of a global missions organization. He has been serving in various missions capacities for over 20 years and serving in the non-profit sector for over 30 years.

While serving in these capacities, he took note of many of the flaws in the non-profit sector. One of the largest failures is that there are always people that fall between the cracks. Understandably, all private non-profits, governmental agencies and religious organizations have policies and a narrow scope of individuals they are designed to help. Inevitably, there will always be people that do not meet their requirements…either they will make too much money, not reside in the right place, or not meet some other criteria. Other reoccurring issues Randy noted, include a lack of resources, an inability to connect with donors, a lack of knowledge and know-how, and a lack of community.

After spending a great deal of time getting to understand Blockchain technology, smart contracts and the possibilities of crypto assets and dapps, he came to the realization that there was a way to create a new crypto token and blockchain-based community where people would be encouraged to care about one-another, help each other out, and be rewarded at the same time…and all of this could be done anonymously and in a decentralized way. It would be a global community of anonymous individuals that pooled their resources to benefit everyone in the community. Our community is a place where everyone wins, without anyone losing.