Last Chance to Buy in Before the Token Swap and Migration

Greetings Fellow Do-Gooders!!!

We are nearing the finish line for our new Smart Contract Migration.

This is the best opportunity to get in on the New and Improved Do Token before the migration.

Here is what’s changing:

  1. We will be Re-basing the number of Max Supply of Tokens from 2 Trillion to 2 Billion.  This reduces the total supply / 1,000.
  2. Accordingly, we will be raising the starting price by 1,000x – 7,000x
  3. Team / Founder Tokens will be reduced from 4.2% to 1%
  4. The Initial Burn amount will be increased from 35% to 50%
  5. There will also be reduced taxes for the project. The changes are as follows:
    a) Buy tax remains at 12%
    b) Sell Tax is lowered from 15% to 12%
    c) Transfer Tax is also lowered from 15% to 12 %

In the next post we will cover the new Tax distribution plan to better benefit our community.